Our Differential Dissector is the first modern instrument designed specifically for blunt dissection. Handheld, battery-powered, and single-use, the Differential Dissector automatically differentiates between tissue types, disrupting only softer, less well organized tissues like fat and mesenteries, for safer, faster exposure of critical anatomy. Firmer, more organized tissues like organ capsules, ducts, lymphatics and blood vessels remain intact. The Differential Dissector is simple to use: pick it up, turn it on, and apply the tip to the tissue. The tip does most of the work, and you remain in control at all times, safely dissecting in the direction you want. The Differential Dissector quickly and safely accomplishes several more challenging parts of blunt dissection, such as tissue plane separation, duct and blood vessel isolation for safer cautery and ligation, and adhesiolysis.

Surgeons have used the Differential Dissector successfully in multiple preclinical, clinical and cadaveric procedures from different surgical specialties – pulmonary artery exposure, cholecystectomy, LIMA harvest, endoscopic vessel harvest, adhesiolysis and face lift. These procedures have been nearly bloodless in live surgeries, owing to the Differential Dissector’s ability to preserve even tiny blood vessels.


Features of the Differential Dissector:

  • Easy to use
  • Disposable, single use
  • Handheld
  • Battery powered
  • No heat, no sharps
The DD1 Differential Dissector is compatible with and complements existing procedures. Preclinical and clinical experience suggests that if a surgeon accidentally bumps the Differential Dissector into a critical tissue, it remains largely unaffected, including the liver, bowel, or major blood vessels, ducts, ureter, urethra, bladder and nerves. Physcient has devoted years to engineering and testing the Differential Dissector so that surgeons can confidently achieve safer, faster exposure of critical structures.
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