Open Surgery

General Use

Differential dissection is an entirely novel method of blunt dissection. Without heat or sharps, the DD1 easily separates firmer tissues from softer tissues by exploiting their different biomechanical properties.

The Differential Dissector is simple to use: pick it up, turn it on, and apply the tip to the tissue. Most surgeons are using the device comfortably in about 5 minutes. Separation of tissue planes is relatively straightforward – application of the differential dissecting tip rapidly and cleanly separates them.

The tip slides smoothly into the tissue plane, further separating the two tissues. Clinical experience suggests that the perforating blood vessels and nerves that cross the tissue plane are unlikely to be harmed, because they are firmer tissues. The tip stops against the vessel wall, allowing the surgeon to safely work around the vessel as he or she proceeds down the tissue plane.

Perforators like these (even less than 1mm diameter) are preserved in place. They are exposed when the tissue plane is spread apart, and can be ligated at will, or left intact to maintain circulation. Importantly, even minor bleeding is greatly reduced during dissection, decreasing the need for electrocautery.